I am eternally grateful to the National Science Foundation for funding my graduate research. During the hectic, stressful months leading up to the submission date, I made a promise to myself that if I were chosen as a Graduate Research Fellow, I would compile my notes (totaling some 3,600 words) and make them publicly available for future applicants.

Please click here for those notes.

Good luck!

Graduate school

All resources are my own.

A month-by-month timeline during the exploration, application, and interview process. Here is the same timeline in bookmark form. For advice on networking in grad school and making the most of your social connections, see here.

A worksheet to help compare aspects of graduate programs, both professional and social. It's helpful to take these factors into account when deciding on the best program fit, from ease of public transit to academic reputation.

A presentation on the application and interview process (e.g., securing letters of recommendation), as well as important factors to consider when applying. For in-depth guidelines for writing a personal statement, click here.

Examples of common questions to expect during grad school interviews, as well as questions to consider asking current grad students. More general interviewing tips (e.g., for a job) can be found below, under Professional Development.

Professional development

Advice for writing a cover letter for most positions, both academic and non-academic.

A compilation of tips to streamline and perfect the most important ingredient of your application: your resume/CV.

Bullet-point recommendations for general interviewing. For advice specific to Skype and phone interviews, click here.

Advice and suggested readings centered around negotiating salary and promotions as a woman in the workplace.

Cyberpsychology journals

Below is a list of renowned peer-reviewed journals in Cyberpsychology. The impact factor, number of issues, and journal description is available for each listing below (click Read More).

Online databases


Search engines and social media

Face databases


Mturk forums

  • Mturk research blog: experimentalturk.wordpress.com (Researchers blogging about using Mturk for research; e.g., how to filter)
  • Turker Nation: turkernation.com
  • Mturk Forum: mturkforum.com (Both Turker Nation and Mturk Forum can only filter by a few things; can ask for worker ID to ensure people aren't using auth code without participating)