I define cyberlife engagement as an individual’s use of, presence in, and interaction with cyberspace, including the use of the Internet, social networking sites, e-mail, mobile texting, and virtual Internet-based communities (Bodford, 2017; Kwan & Bodford, 2015). My primary interests reside in digital culture, exploring the extent to which online stimuli relate to our thoughts and behaviors in the offline world through:

  1. Process: The dynamic interplay between cyber- and physical life engagement (Bodford & Kwan, 2017; Bodford, dissertation);
  2. Outcome: The psychological consequences of maladaptive or harmful cyberlife engagement (Bodford, 2017; Bodford, Kwan, & Sobota, 2017); and
  3. Policy: The allotment of attention and resources to threats and disasters in cyberspace (Bodford & Kwan, 2017).


peer-reviewed publications

* signifies a student under my supervision

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Other Selected Publications

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Press Releases

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