Research ASSISTANT opportunities

Update: Spring 2017

I am no longer accepting Research Assistant applications for the Spring 2017 semester.


Although I don't require past research or data analysis experiences to join the Cyberlab, the following skills are preferred:

  • Basic exposure to psychology (e.g., 101; 230; 290) or a similar field (sociology, communications)
  • Completion of at least one college-level statistics course
  • Comfort with (1) brainstorming and conceptualizing vague ideas and (2) sharing—and receiving—constructive criticism around these hypotheses

I require 6 hours of work each week in addition to weekly lab meetings. I do not require that you major in psychology; many of my past and current RAs major in fields as diverse as political science, computer science engineering, and public relations. Diversity and openness of thought is more important than exposure solely to psychology.

Picture copyright Denise Karis.